In January 2018, Chris Watts gave one month’s notice that he was resigning as President of the Wiltshire and Swindon GMB branch, following GMB rule 36.6. This is due to the pressure of other commitments, and Chris has done the job for 5 years. We are very appreciative for all the hard work and excellent support Chris has given members over that time, and for the first class job he has done as branch chair. He will continue as an accompanying representative supporting members in disciplinary and grievance hearings, and this is appreciated by the branch as he is a very effective representative.

This means that the branch is conducting an election for branch president.

In addition, following GMB rule 35.7, all branch officer positions, and the branch committee are up for election. The rule states that the election should be at the branch meeting in June, and that the vacancies should be advertised for nominations for Branch Secretary and Branch President at the three previous meetings. The branch committee has agreed to take nominations at the February and April and May meetings, and hold the election in July. If valid nominations are received in these three meetings, then nominations are not taken on the day of the election.

During the February branch meeting valid nominations for all posts were received. The February meeting was very well attended with shop stewards from across workplaces in Wiltshire and Swindon.

Gerry Ball was nominated for President, and It was agreed that he will be acting President pending the July election.

Julie Clarke was nominated for Vice President.

Andy Newman was nominated to continue as Branch Secretary.

No further nominations were received at the branch committee meeting on 11th April.

Should no further nominations be received at the meeting on 9th May then all positions will be elected unopposed.