Violence in Swindon schools – survey

gmb-violence-in-schPlease take part in this simple on-line survey.

A GMB member working in a Swindon school recently experienced a serious violent incident from an 8 year old pupil, which required her to be hospitalised with a dislocated finger. A few days later, the school sent the same pupil on a field trip, where he assaulted 7 out of 8 staff. GMB has advised the individual members to pursue potential industrial injury claims, with the union’s support.

GMB was surprised to be advised that Swindon Borough Council do not believe that the school handled the situation badly, and Swindon Borough Council do not have a policy which requires pupils who are violent to staff or fellow pupils to be immediately suspended, pending a risk assessment review.

Our members have also reported to us increasing incidence of very challenging pupils being placed in mainstream schools. GMB has demanded a meeting with the council to ensure that a policy is adopted that gives adequate recognition to the demands for staff and pupil safety, and we are waiting for a date.

The survey is open to both GMB members and non-members, so please pass on to your work colleagues. A paper copy of the survey, and pre-paid envelope are also being sent to GMB members, this can also be used by non-members.

GMB strongly urges that all school support staff need to be in a trade union. Trade Union membership is extremely useful for all employees, but for school staff who work with children, trade union membership is an essential protection. Join GMB online here.

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